Saturday, 10 September 2016

The missus raced up to join me in the bedroom. We were so excited. She got down on her knees with the tape measure. `Seven inches!', she said. I felt so proud. Seven inches! Wow!

Yep, my bed was now 7 inches higher at the top end, thanks to some handy house bricks!

Why do this? Because we'd been astonished to discover how many conditions were helped - some even cured - simply by tilting one's bed, raising the head of the bed four to seven inches.

To learn more about this free do-it-yourself therapy simply research Inclined Bed Therapy or Andrew Fletcher and IBT. Andrew discovered IBT in the nineties and its dramatic results with varicose veins, asthma, snoring, spinal injuries, MS (multiple sclerosis) and a host of other undesirable conditions.

Anyway, I'm 65 and two days into this IBT my partner noticed I had stopped snoring. Two weeks later - she assures me - I am still not snoring. Maybe the snoring was a symptom of sleep apnoea because I am definitely sleeping more soundly than I ever have before.

So far I am loving this free, do-it-yourself `therapy` and cannot see myself reverting to sleeping on a flat bed. I am in good physical condition for 65 but there's always the need to offset effects associated with aging - arthritis, cold hands or feet, dupuytren's or vikings disease, etc.

Amazingly, this Inclined Bed Therapy or IBT is free! Plenty of videos, testimonials, information, etc. at Andrew Fletcher's IBT website. Do yourself and your loved ones a great big favour, join me and hundreds of others, and begin your IBT journey to better health today.


I'm using bricks to tilt the bed at home but we just purchased these furniture risers for travel. They are so cheap, very light but strong plastic, also hollow so other travel items can go inside them. Perfect for travelling!

We are now three or four weeks into this amazing adventure of Inclined Bed Therapy. My partner informs me her female problems have disappeared this month. To explain, for the last several months, possibly pre-menopause related, her menstrual cycle has brought on extremely painful breasts and itchiness down-under when lying on a flat bed at night. These symptoms caused disturbed sleep and were prolonged and worrying. Anyway - all gone now thanks to IBT. 

While researching any possible history of inclined beds or sloping beds I discovered this amazing story from a 1913 American newspaper-